Daniel Radcliffe & His Girlfriend Have Been Dating For HOW Long?!?! Has He Been Hiding Her Under An Invisibility Cloak!?!

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Holy WHOA! Talk about fooling the world!

Daniel Radcliffe was recently spotted out and about in New York City showing off his lady love, Erin Darke!

Most people believed the pair was a fairly new couple. But it seems we were all TERRIBLY wrong!

It looks like the Harry Potter actor had Erin’s love spell cast on him a looooong time ago!

Erin’s rep confirmed their relationship saying:

“[They’ve been dating] for about two years.”

TWO years?!?!?! Where has he been hiding her?! Under an invisibility cloak?

Did they apparate to one another so that no one saw them together?!

We seriously applaud these two for how long they managed to keep their relationship a secret!

Whatever magic they used, we guess it’s worn off, but that means we get to see these cuties together, so that’s worth something!

[Image via Joseph Marzullo/Drew Altizer/WENN.]

Apr 21, 2014 3:21pm PDT

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