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DeMario Jackson's Ex Says He Is A 'Man Child' -- But Would NEVER Take Advantage Of A Drunk Corinne Olympios!

demario jackson ex girlfriend defends him
DeMario Jackson is a P.O.S., but he would NEVER take advantage of a drunk girl. Or, at least, that’s what his ex is saying!
As you surely know, Rachel Lindsay‘s castoff is in the middle of the Bachelor In Paradise controversy as production was halted after a producer filed a complaint about a drunken poolside hookup the 30-year-old had with costar Corinne Olympios. While there are a lot of conflicting reports about what happened while filming, some say the blonde reality TV contestant was too drunk to consent to her encounter with Jackson.
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Lexi Thexton, of “who’s this” fame, came to her ex’s defense as she spoke with TMZ about the controversy. While Miz Thexton says DeMario is a “30-year-old man child” who “loves to drink,” she notes that the reality TV villain would never take advantage of woman if he knew she was too drunk.
According to Lexi, the Bachelorette alum is only ever “fun and playful” when he’s wasted and claims he never got “aggressive or domineering” towards her. Now don’t get Thexton wrong, she still “truly hates” Jackson and thinks he “is not a good person,” but she really doesn’t think DeMario is capable of doing “something like this.”
In fact, Lexi believes that Corinne is covering up for sloppy behavior which was caught on camera. Hmmm, we don’t think sloppy behavior shuts down an entire show’s production.
What do YOU think?? Are you shocked Lexi defended DeMario??
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[Image via ABC.]

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Jun 16, 2017 09:55am PDT

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