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Dodging The Question

In her new interview with More magazine, closeted lesbian Jodie Foster is asked about her sexuality in a roundabout way, as she has on previous occasions. And yet again, Jodie fails to speak her truth and be an inspiration to young lesbians and gay men everywhere.
Oh, well. Whatevs. It’s still her choice to stay closeted and it’s still our right to call her a lezbot.
Here’s how it all went down:
More magazine: Let’s talk about your ring.
Jodie Foster: This one? [Proffers left hand] It’s Tiffany, an eternity ring.
You’re wearing it on your wedding ring finger.
I am. I’ve always worn a ring. Even taking photos. Even on magazine covers. I don’t take it off.
Don’t you think wearing a ring like that raises questions?
Well, but that’s my life. I thought about this recently: I had a nightmare the other night. Well, anyway. . .
C’mon! Let’s hear the nightmare!
I was being interviewed by somebody, like an innocuous [press] junket thing. They were asking me questions about food I liked or whatever. Then they said, [in a high, innocent voice] “Have you ever written any homemade anti-Semitic cards?” And I was like, [horrified] “No!” Then she said, “Come with me,” and I realized to myself, “You’re so stupid. Haven’t you ever seen that 60 Minutes thing where they ask you a banal question? You’re not supposed to say yes or no. You’re supposed to go, ‘Well, that’s interesting.’ Because if they ask you the banal question, it’s because they have some kind of document on you. And now you’ve got to go! And now the camera’s going to follow you!” Then my dream was over. [Pauses and reflects before continuing]
My life is my life. I’m not going to change my life for anybody. I don’t have any problems with it. I just don’t talk about my health, my dad, who I voted for or what I think of the death penalty, because that would be trivializing my life, selling it for a magazine.”

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Aug 17, 2007 17:48pm PDT

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