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Melania Trump Did NOT Come With Donald To Face His Arraignment! So Much For Standing By Her Man...

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Donald Trump made history again on Tuesday, becoming the first former US president to plead not guilty to federal charges.

The ex-Prez is of course facing a shocking 37 charges relating to taking national security documents from the White House — and trying to hide them when the government came calling. (You can read all about his alleged crimes in the bombshell indictment HERE!) On Tuesday morning Trump entered the federal courthouse in Miami to be arraigned. You may have noticed there wasn’t quite as much news coverage of this one as the last time he was arraigned. After all, the 76-year-old is quickly making this old hat — it ain’t his first arraignment, it won’t be the last, right? Oh lord, US politics in 2023…

According to sources from inside the courtroom, Trump remained silent as his attorneys pleaded not guilty on his behalf. His legal team were probably worried he’d perjure himself during the plea! LOLz! Trump is rich, so of course he didn’t even have to pay bail. In fact, he reportedly is not limited in his travel, either within the US or internationally, at all. Two different justice systems.

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The arraignment itself wasn’t big news though. Police braced themselves for as many as 50,000 protesters after Trump’s incitements on social media. But in the end only a few hundred showed up, according to law enforcement speaking to NBC News.

And the not guilty isn’t a surprise either. We knew Trump wasn’t going to give in and agree he did anything wrong. He’s never done that in his life so far as we can tell! What’s inneresting to us is the fact his wife was nowhere to be found. As in, she wasn’t even in THE STATE OF FLORIDA!

Sources claimed last week that Melania Trump would “stand by her man” through this indictment process. We didn’t expect her to go to the courthouse, but we thought she’d be somewhere in the vicinity. One insider specifically said she would be traveling back to the Sunshine State with Donnie, presumably waiting for him to return to Mar-a-Lago.

Instead, while Trump was flying from his Bedminster golf club in New Jersey down to the Trump Doral hotel in Miami, his wife was… getting her hair done. Yes, really.

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Contrary to that confidant’s claims, Melania did NOT go with Trump back to Florida and instead spent the day shopping in NYC. According to, the former First Lady was spotted being driven in an SUV, still escorted by Secret Service, as she visited various buildings in the city she used to call home. Wearing a trench coat and sunglasses, she was seen going into a building housing a John Frieda hair salon. She also visited a dentist.

It’s the first time she’s been seen in over a month, and she was just having a total Carrie Bradshaw day. You know, just for her. Luckily there’s no big stress in her life keeping her from enjoying the Big Apple. Right?

[Image via MEGA/WENN/MSNBC/YouTube.]

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