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Doperty's Desperate Attempt To Win Back Cokate!


He has a peculiar way of saying, “I love you.”

In a last bid at winning back Kate Moss, who dumped him for suspected cheating, Pete Doherty has opened up to The Mirror.

The Mirror! The same publication that secretly videotaped her doing cocaine at a recording studio with him in 2005.

Is he still on drugs????  


Here are some HIGHlights of his sit-down with the paper:

– “I love her with all my heart. I like the way she walks and talks. I love her bones. I love her brain.”

– “Kate has broken my heart.”

– “There’s been this lockdown and I can’t get hold of her. This is the only way I can get through.”

– “I need her to know that she’s out of her fucking mind. Kate, if you love me then realise I don’t want any other girl.”

– “Do I still love her? Don’t ask me that question. Why do you think I’m here today talking to you? I’m here to tell her that I love her.”

– “Fucking hell man, why does she read the Daily Mirror, anyway? She moans all the time about the fucing paparazzi then first thing in the morning she’s got to buy your paper.”

– “It was love at first meet. When I met her she said she’d get a P tattoo, and I’d get a K. Soon afterwards she said ‘I’m not fickle, I’ll marry you’. I fucked that up, didn’t I?”

– “Kate – a nasty old rag. We fell out for the same old reason. She accused me of fucking this girl who lives around the corner. We were watching a DVD together and Kate started going ‘I could tell by the way you were sitting back there that you’ve fucked her’. I said ‘You’re out of your fucking mind’. I was really up for some peace and love that morning. I wasn’t up for being called a cock and being kicked in the head.”

– “She’s got an awful temper. I grabbed a guitar and books and said ‘I’m never going to be treated this way again’.”

– “I love her with all my heart. I wasn’t going to go after a poxy model, let alone some girl I’ve known as a friend for years. Kate is both jealous and suspicious, the same as every woman. But being accused all the time of going with other women takes its toll. She can sit on our music producer’s knee in the rehearsal room to wind me up. But as soon as I talk to anyone, it’s an affair.”

– “Kate is so stubborn. She’ll probably sit this one out. Rather than listen to reason and say ‘No, actually you didn’t sleep with that girl, that’s ridiculous’, she decides to have a big old row.”

– “When she finished it in a blazing row I decided never ever ever am I going to go through that again. I promised myself so many times about it. But I always go back. It’s abusive isn’t it? Maybe I’m destined to end up in an abusive relationship, but I don’t want to.”

– “I can’t properly describe my feelings for Kate they are too strong. It’s why I write songs.”

– “She rang last night and left a drunken answerphone message, singing Moon River. She’s ripped my heart out. I don’t know what I’m doing.”

– “It’s going to take a couple of weeks for me to clean up. It’s been dark. But I’ve come out of rehab a new man.”

– “I’m feeling good and I’m determined I can beat the drugs. If I had Kate back then life wouldn’t be so bad, would it?”

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Jul 31, 2007 08:14am PDT

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