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Ellie Goulding Talks Royal Wedding Attendance, Calls Prince William & Kate Middleton An "Awesome Couple!!"

Ellie Goulding dishes on Prince William and Kate Middleton
Ugh! Imagine actually having attended THE royal wedding?!?!
Well, Ellie Goulding doesn’t have to imagine because she was actually there and she’s just revealed that the royal pair, Prince William & his sweetie Kate Middleton, are totes an “awesome couple.”
Which we obvi already knew, but it’s nice to hear more confirmations of it! Duh!!
The sexXxXy singer is February’s Marie Claire UK cover girl, and she totes brought the FIERCE along with some new tidbits about when she attended the royal wedding!!
Ooooooh! Tell us more, tell us more!!!!
Ellie dished:

“In the weeks before, everyone I know was talking about the wedding, and I was sat like…trying not to say anything. I kept it to myself for so long – but no one would have believed me anyway. I talked to William and Kate quite a bit. They’re just a really awesome couple, lovely people, so I understand why people are fascinated by them. It was a really beautiful night – but then, I haven’t been to many weddings.”

Believe us, Ellie, we’re SURE it was definitely a beautiful night whether you’ve never been to a wedding or have attended 100 weddings!!!
Hmmm…what other deets of the night are you holding back?!
Did Prince Harry hit on you and your sexXxXy body?! Did Prince Charles get wasteyface!?
Did the Queen sing and dance with everyone!!
Let us know more, gurlfriend!!!
[Image via WENN.]

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Jan 03, 2014 22:02pm PDT