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Email Of The Day


This is equal parts desperate and hilarious.


“Hello Perez

My name is Tiffany Dupont from the movie Queen Esther. I want to let you know a little secret that I don’t care to keep anymore. I actually slept with Tom Cruise and George Clooney. I had sex with both of them this past year. The way I did it was that I actually offered myself to them when I got a chance to meet them hoping that would boost my acting career. If you want to contact them you can, but like most Hollywood actors they’ll all deny it. I’ve done other shows like the Bedford Diaries and such. My website address is . If you want to contact me my number and address is XXXXX

Tiffany Dupont

God Bless”

Update: Through her lawyer, Tiffany sent in the following statement.

“The email posted on your website under my signature was not sent by me. I have never met Tom Cruise or Goerge Clooney. This is simply a hoax.”

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Nov 25, 2007 14:57pm PDT

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