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Email Of The Day

“Hey Perez,
Have I got a story for you! So last night (Sunday I was out at NYC’s HIRO. It’s notorious for always having celebs there and last night was no different. So me and my friend Steven are dancing on the main floor and his boyfriend Tom comes running to us and says “OMG! Lance Bass is up stairs at the bar” so of course I had to see for myself. So we walk up stairs and there he is (I must say he is much hotter in person). So I get the courage to walk up to him and I tap his shoulder and say “hi lance you look great!”
Mr. Cunty Bass looks and rolls his eyes, he says “If you’re gonna try to get a picture don’t even think about it” A hot guy who he was all over says “Lance you don’t have to be so rude” and Cunty Bass says “Oh whatever”. I’ll admit I was going to ask for a photo but just for my personal collection, but the moment he said that it was war.
PerezHilton instantly entered my head. So I walked away as if I was going to drop it, but then I followed them and as soon as Cunty Bass turned around I lifted my camera zoomed in and got a shot. Lance tried to lean away once he saw the flashes but I got his ass! I heard him say “FUCK he got me!”, so I just dipped through the crowd to get away.
PS: I’m sending you the photo of Lance for proof .”

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Aug 20, 2007 23:01pm PDT