EXCLUSIVE! Barbra Streisand & Seth Rogen Chat With Momma Perez About The Guilt Trip… And Nut Size?! WATCH HERE!

We love our Momma Perez (obviously), and we adore the incredible icon that is Barbra Streisand and HIGHlarious actor Seth Rogen

So what better way to chat with the two stars of mother-son comedy The Guilt Trip (out TODAY people!) than by having OUR very own mother conduct the interview!

Ch-ch-check out the ADORBZ encounter (above)!

Seth and Babz dish on what it was like to be stuck in a small car together for WEEKS, discuss whether or not Seth was intimidated to work with such a “legend,” AND they compare the differences of peanut size between milk and dark chocolate M&Ms!

What an incredible honor! SO many hearts for these wonderful, talented, entertaining human beings!

To read the FULL transcript of our exclusive interview, click …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Seth Rogen: This is Perez Hilton’s mother!
Barbra Streisand: Are you kidding me?
SR: You’re from Cuba! Nice to meet you!
BS: Where’s Perez himself?
Momma Perez: He’s working here in LA.
SE: What do you call him?
MP: Mario Armando. By the way here is a little something.
BS: Oh my god… Sake?! Thank you!
SR: Sake? Thank you very much! I’ll take that. That’s hilarious … I will be sipping this throughout the day.
BS: That├óΓé¼Γäós very sweet, thank you Perez… I mean Mario Armando! Gracias.

MP: You both have very good chemistry. I really believe you were mother and son. How was it working together?

SR: It was great working together.
BS: Fun!
SR: Yeah! She├óΓé¼Γäós like my mother in a lot of ways I think…
BS: Well I’m a good actress.
SR: Exactly. It was like making a movie with my mother. Which is a lot like going on a road trip with your mother.

MP: How many hours did you both spend shooting in that little car?

SR: We spent a week in the car, maybe a little bit more.
BS: That’s all?
SR: Maybe two weeks in the car?
BS: We had two weeks actually outside on the streets too!
SR: Yeah, so a few weeks in the car, all together… it was kinda nice in the car. I kinda liked it.
BS: We loved the car!
SR:Yeah! We loved the car. We felt safe in the car.
BS: When you were driving…
S: Yeah.

MP: Seth, were you nervous to work with Barbra?

SR: Uh, no not really
BS: Lie. Lie.
SR: Exactly. It was horribly intimidating working with a legend. Uh, I didn’t know what to expect, honestly, but I assumed she would be fun. You know, she seemed like she’s awesome and, yeah, it was great.

MP: Barbra, you recently toured with your son Jason. Was your trip anything like this movie?

SR: You did just kind of go on a trip with your son.
BS: Yeah, but we didn’t go in a car together, you know, every day. But I was able to see him and kiss him, and actually it was very sweet because I’m afraid to touch his hair. He hates when I touch his hair, but I like it when it’s a certain curly way, and so forth. So it’s still the same thing as if he was a little boy, you know?

MP: In the movie, Joyce├óΓé¼Γäós favorite candy is M&Ms, like me…

BS: M&M Peanuts… they made it peanuts. His real mother was the M&Ms, but I love M&M Peanuts, so I wanted to enjoy my M&Ms. We even tried dark chocolate M&M Peanuts, but they didn├óΓé¼Γäót have the same peanut taste for some reason.
SR: Nope.
BS: The peanuts got smaller in the dark chocolate ones.
SR: They use a smaller peanut.
BS: Even though those are healthier…
SR: That’s probably why. They scale down the nut size.

MP:It was a pleasure to meet both of you!

SR:Thank you so much!

Dec 19, 2012 5:55pm PDT