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Joy Behar Takes Barbra Streisand's Side In Melissa McCarthy Ozempic Scandal For THIS Unexpected Reason!

Joy Behar Takes Barbra Streisand's Side After Melissa McCarthy Ozempic Controversy For This Interesting & Blunt Reason!

Joy Behar thinks Barbra Streisand did nothing wrong!

The iconic singer sparked some controversy on social media this week when she asked Melissa McCarthy if she was taking Ozempic in a since-deleted comment on Instagram. The whole thing felt like it was meant to be a private DM that had accidentally been blasted to the internet. And Barbra even agreed, insisting she “forgot the world is reading” and only meant it as a “compliment.” Such an LA thing. LOLz!

Most folks, including the Gilmore Girls star herself, laughed off the drama. But that alone hasn’t been enough to shut down all the backlash. And now, the daytime TV personality is coming to the Woman in Love artist’s defense!

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On Wednesday’s episode of The View, Joy slammed all the outrage over the social media blunder — and she had a super inneresting take on the controversy! The talk show host dished:

“As far as asking someone that question, I don’t think it’s rude.”

She felt that asking someone if they take the drug should be as simple as asking them about anything else in their life, she teased while singing the medicine’s theme song:

“Listen, if somebody’s lost a lot of weight and you want to know if they’ve taken the drug, you just go, ‘Oh-oh-oh-Ozempic!’ and if they respond, ‘Thank you,’ then that’s the end of the conversation.”

At first, co-host Sara Haines agreed, pointing out:

“In the Hollywood world, it’s like ‘Who’s your agent?’ These days it’s like, ‘Are you on it? I’m on it. She’s on it!’ It’s so normal.”

Then, Joy said it’s basically the same thing as New Yorkers asking “what rent do you pay” — stressing that the taboo convo should be normalized. That is a unique POV for sure. And one with which not everyone agreed!! It was here that Sara clapped back, arguing she’d NEVER ask such personal Qs about someone’s finances! And as for the rent issue, Behar argued that’s because she’s not a real New Yorker, teasing, “you’re from Iowa!” LMFAO!

Ultimately, though, they all seemed to agree that Barbra should be let off the hook. Alyssa Farah Griffin summed it up:

 “I think if you’re an icon, you can get away with it.”

Hah! Hear them debate this latest pop culture crisis (below):

Whose side are YOU on, Perezcious readers? Was it rude to ask if Melissa was on the drug?! Or should it be normalized like Joy thinks?? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via The View/The Late Late Show/YouTube & Brian To/WENN]

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