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EXCLUSIVE! Paris Hilton Wasn't To Blame In Beach Brawl! Fingers Are Pointing At Jeremy Jackson For These Crazy Actions!

paris hilton jeremy jackson exclusive fight story
We knew this story couldn’t possibly be so cut and dry.
While we had heard Paris Hilton and her friends had attacked former Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson while at her Malibu beach house, don’t jump to those conclusions too quickly.
We’re now EXCLUSIVELY hearing from two other sources at the beach house this weekend that Jeremy wasn’t so innocent in the incident.
While Paris and her friends were at her house, Jeremy and his crew apparently busted in and wanted to hang, despite Paris’ friends not even knowing who he was.
He apparently then said, “Do you know who I am? I was on Baywatch and Celebrity Rehab.”
And that’s when things got nasty.
As Paris’ friends told him to leave, Jeremy apparently flipped out and put one of the friends in a choke hold. Paris’ brother Barron then got involved in trying to get Jeremy off the friend when another person hit Barron and ripped his lip open.
The insanity continued with the woman Jeremy was with throwing a bottle that ended up hitting Jeremy instead of Paris’ friend. Eventually, Paris’ group was able to break up the fight and force them out, while Jeremy was screaming that he was going to kill them.
Paris’ brother was the one who decided not to press charges because he didn’t want this to blow up. Unfortunately, it sure looks like it has. Luckily, he was able to get his lip taken care of as he went to the hospital for stitches after the brutal brawl.
Jeremy has claimed that he was the one attacked, but there are two sides to every story. And his shady, rough past might not help his hold up.
UPDATE: A rep for Paris commented –

“This past Saturday night Paris was at home with a small group of friends when Jeremy Jackson entered her house. Paris does not know Jackson and was concerned that he was an intruder. One of her friends asked him to leave at which he became frustrated and started acting aggressively as a guest tried to escort him from the premises. When others stepped in to help, he reacted violently towards them. Eventually Jackson left the premises and the police were called but all parties declined to press charges. Paris has experienced problems with stalkers and intruders on a number of occasions and it is frightening experience for her to have anyone she doesn’t know coming into her home.”

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Jul 14, 2014 11:11am PDT