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Experts Believe Idaho Murderer Has Most Likely 'Killed Before'

Experts Believe Idaho Murderer Has Most Likely Killed Before

As reporters continue to dig into the past of Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger, they’re only finding out more chilling details of the accused murderer’s life…

As you know, Kohberger was arrested late last month in connection to the quadruple murder of University of Idaho students Kaylee GoncalvesMaddie MogenXana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin. Someone broke into their Moscow, Idaho home and killed the four students with a knife as they slept. It seemed like police were clueless, to the point victims’ families were getting angry — and then all of a sudden they made their bust, and we saw they had a LOT on criminology student.

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Over the weekend we found out through the New York Times the 28-year-old struggled with his mental health greatly and posted some eyebrow-raising admissions to a message board called Tapatalk. Seeing comments like saying he could do “whatever I want with little remorse” from when the alleged killer was only 16 is truly horrific given what we now know. And now experts believe this may not be his first time doing something heinous at all…

According to Former FBI special agent Jonathan Gilliam, who appeared on a special episode of Dr. Phil to discuss the case late last week, the missing murder weapon is bound to be discovered at some point. Trial attorney Mercedes Colwin said the sheath might’ve been left behind by the killer “on purpose”:

“It could be, I mean it’s almost as if – and we’ve seen this with other killers, it’s their calling card, ‘I got this.’ Especially if you think you’re smarter than everybody else, and he certainly – he had gloves, at least that’s what’s presumed, that he had gloves. He tried to cover himself, did something to dispose of the clothing, if he in fact is the killer, then of course, this is something that could have just been a calling card and left it there. I don’t think this investigation is going to continue, indefinitely. I think Jonathan’s right, we’re going to presumably find the knife.”

It’s a horrifying thought that he might’ve staged all this out. Even more spine-tingling, though, is the fact the panel of experts think Kohberger may be a serial killer. Dr. Phil asked Joseph Scott Morgan:

“If he’s the guy, you think this was his first murder?”

To which the forensics expert replied:

“Murder? Possibly. Bad act? No.”


He continued on to say:

“I think he’s killed before most likely. Not four people, but I think he’s probably stalked and potentially killed females before.”

Colwin agreed, saying if the criminology grad student is indeed the Idaho murderer — police might get way more cases than what they originally believed:

“If he’s the killer, this viciousness, the brutality, and the butchering of these four individuals, I can’t imagine this is the first time, if he is indeed the killer.”

Such a terrifying theory. If this is the case, at least he’s in custody and won’t be able to continue his alleged crimes…

Reactions, Perezcious readers? See more from the Dr. Phil special (below):


[Image via YouTube/WNEP/Today]

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