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Fiddy Is Misinformed

50 Cent was a guest on the Booker show on Philly’s Q102 this morning, where the host informed him that Kanye West caved in to pressure and pushed back the release date of his album until September 18th.
Not so, Kanye’s publicist, Gabriel Tesoriero, tells
Both albums are still scheduled to be released on September 11th.
But that didn’t stop 50 from boasting about his non-victory.
Fiddy told Booker, “That just makes sense. He’s scared of me! I told him, ‘You gotta expect to lose by a landslide. I just looked at him really serious and said – Kanye you’re gonna lose, man. You’re gonna lose bad.’ I said ‘Just check it out, if you come out the same day I come out, then everybody’s gonna know that you’re coming out because of me, cuz they’re going to the stores to buy mine and they’ll see yours on the side.'”
Thus far, Kanye is still far outselling 50! Somebody’s gonna eat crow!
Based on pre-orders, West is currently #17 on the iTunes album chart and Fiddy’s all the way down at #64.
Click here to listen to 50’s interview this morning.

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Aug 27, 2007 13:04pm PDT

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