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Fiddy's Gonna Eat His Own Words!


50 Cent said earlier this week that he’s going to stop putting out records if Kanye West‘s new album sells more than his when they are both released on the same day next month (September 11th).

Well, it looks like Fiddy’s gonna be going in to retirement!

Despite the fact that they are both getting equal promotion in a prime spot (at the very top) of the iTunes store, Kanye is far outselling 50 in pre-orders.

Kanye is selling so much that his new album, Graduation, is #3 on the iTunes Top Albums chart.

Fiddy’s Curtis is way behind at #9.

Same thing with the singles. Kanye’s kick-off song, Stronger, is going strong at #2 on the iTunes Top Songs chart. And not even Justin Timberlake has been able to help 50 get his single, Ayo Technology, to higher than #10.



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Aug 10, 2007 14:01pm PDT