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Perez Reviews: First Date on Broadway!

First Date the musical was the place to be Thursday night on Broadway, as we attended the new show and also spotted fellow theater-lover Neil Patrick Harris in the audience.

First Date isn’t groundbreaking or life-changing, but neither is How I Met Your Mother, and that TV show gets great ratings and is very enjoyable!

If you go in expecting life-changing from First Date, you will be disappointed. If you go in wanting a really good time and lots of FUN, then you will have a blast!

First Date shares a lot of similarities with Neil’s sitcom. They both feature stellar casts, are lighthearted and provide lots of laughs.

Though the advertising for the show may lead you to believe you’re in for a romantic comedy film-type experience, First Date feels more like a sitcom on stage with songs. And we say that in the best way possible. It has the non-stop, rapid-fire pace of laughter found in a sitcom. And eliciting that kind of response from an audience – on Broadway – is not easy. First Date does it and does it well. It’s not only funny, it’s VERY funny.

Major credit goes to the book writer, Austin Winsberg, who comes from the world of television. Sitcoms!

And a lot of the humor is also thanks to the expert deliver of the cast, gloriously lead by sitcom alum Zachary Levi. Having previously proven he can sing in Disney’s Tangled, Levy makes his Broadway debut combining the two things he’s best at – comedy and singing. He wins lots of hearts and fans along the way!

The entire cast is also great, including Smash alum Krysta Rodriguez.

Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner provide some great songs. Very contemporary. And overall we had a fun, fun time.

Two thumbs up and a couple of snaps!

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Oct 03, 2013 23:38pm PDT

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