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Why Ben Affleck 'Checked Out' Of Jennifer Lopez Marriage -- And More Unsettling New Deets!

Why Ben Affleck 'Checked Out' Of Jennifer Lopez Marriage -- And More New Deets

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez haven’t been on the same page for MONTHS!

As we all know, the couple is in the middle of a separation and currently not living together as they work through rumored marriage issues. The tension was made clear when Ben neglected to show up to J.Lo’s Netflix film premiere in Los Angeles last week. While the actress looked stunning and still posed for photos and greeted fans, Us Weekly eyewitnesses are now opening up about what she was REALLY like at the event. And they are insisting that she wasn’t her usual “bubbly” self.

While noting that Jennifer was wearing her wedding band but not her glamorous engagement ring, one source shared on Tuesday:

“There weren’t a lot of big smiles, even for photographers. It seemed like she was just going through the motions.”


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Other sources opened up about the issues affecting the relationship, noting that Ben moved into a rental while they figure things out. A confidant close to the pair said the decision to spend this time apart was mutual, sharing:

“They are taking some space to work out whether or not the relationship is right for both of them.”

While breakup rumors started surfacing earlier this month, a source close to J.Lo revealed that issues between the A-listers began a few months ago. They dished:

“Jennifer had started ramping up her work commitments and prepping for her tour. She’s very focused on work and overextends herself.”

The Let’s Get Loud artist kicks off a 30-date tour next month. Alongside promo for her latest album (and accompanying films), she’s also been busy on other projects, like the upcoming musical Kiss of the Spider Woman, which filmed recently in NYC. Meanwhile, Ben was home in LA working on The Accountant 2, a second Lopez source acknowledged:

“Both have demanding careers that often require them to be in different cities.”

But space has “highlighted the emotional and physical distance between them,” insiders claim. And rather than learn from that, it’s only made Ben push away more! The first source close to J.Lo noted that Affleck “doesn’t agree with Jennifer’s lifestyle” and has felt “worn down” by the marriage. Dang…

Noting that the couple is on “two completely different pages most of the time” and that “the honeymoon phase has worn off,” they stressed:

“He’s been checked out.”


The second Jennifer insider added that there have been other causes of tension in the relationship, sharing:

“Over time, Jennifer and Ben found it increasingly difficult to communicate effectively, and small misunderstandings grew into significant arguments.”

The confidant urged that “they have fundamentally different approaches to conflict.” While the Shotgun Wedding lead prefers to talk things out, her husband withdraws. So, what’s causing all this conflict? Aside from their poor communication skills and schedules, disagreements over finances and parenting “have exacerbated” their issues, per the second Lopez source.

That said, the source close to the couple argued that rumors claiming the mother of two is high-maintenance are incorrect, pointing out that the struggles in the romance are “complex.” Certainly seems so! But obviously, after everything they’ve gone through to get back together after so many years apart, a divorce (and a fourth one at that for J.Lo) could be a source of embarrassment for her. The first insider close to the actress said:

“She’s upset and really did think she and Ben would be endgame this time around.”

The second Lopez insider backed this up, saying that because they were so open about their rekindled love, the idea of a split could be uncomfortable for them both. That’s probably why the vocalist has been so “committed to working on the marriage” and urging them to get help — something Ben was hesitant to do at first but is starting to “invest more” in. The insider shared:

“[Ben has] struggled with loneliness [since moving out] and realized how much he misses Jen.”

Don’t expect change to come quickly though, the confidant continued:

“Ben and Jen kept in touch primarily to discuss essential matters and updates.”

So, it doesn’t sound like they’re ready to tackle any of their marriage problems head-on yet. More concerning, friends aren’t even sure what should happen next! The insider explained:

“Some believe they can work it out with time and effort, pointing to their deep bond. Others think the relationship has run its course.”

Already?! Jeez. For now, as they continue to spend time apart, “both [are] reassessing their priorities … and [figuring out] what they truly want from the marriage.” Sad to see it come to this after just two years of marriage!!

What do YOU think will happen? Can they work through this or are there just too many issues? Sound OFF (below)…

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