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Jennifer Lopez Will NOT Give Up Ben Affleck Marriage 'Without A Fight' 

Jennifer Lopez Will Not Give Up Ben Affleck 'Without A Fight'

Jennifer Lopez isn’t going to let Ben Affleck just walk away!

The couple may no longer be living together at the moment… and divorce rumors are gaining traction… but not all hope is lost! According to one of J.Lo’s LA-based friends, there is reason to believe the estranged husband and wife could pull through this rough patch. Speaking to on Wednesday, the pal dished:

“If it is only a question of putting the work in then you had better believe that [Lopez] will turn it around.”

But can she?? Ben’s already been out of the house for weeks — it would be so easy for him to call it quits for good at this point! So Jenny from the Block better hope he actually wants to work on the marriage, too, otherwise her attempts will go nowhere.

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While the performers are giving each other space right now, the insider urged there is “hope” for the future of the relationship, adding:

“She has thrown her heart and soul into her love story with Ben and will not give it up without a fight. From what I hear there is still a lot of love there, so there must be hope.”

Well, that’s good. Maybe…

Unfortunately, the Let’s Get Loud singer has a lot of other problems on her plate, such as her struggling career. Her new film Atlas, which Ben helped produce, just flopped big time (at least if you asked critics) and her concert tickets aren’t selling. Despite this, a source told the outlet that she is remaining “focused and committed” to her professional life no matter what. Clearly, she doesn’t like to give up!

Also, a confidant pointed out she’s not the only big artist struggling with ticket sales lately. And it’s true, Justin Timberlake, for example, has also been dealing with low sales, along with The Black Keys and many others. But still, it’s not a good look that the pop star has had to completely revamp her entire production just to entice more fans to come! This could also affect other deals in the pipeline.

While some have claimed the 54-year-old’s rumored plans for a Vegas residency are in “jeopardy” because of this mess, DM‘s sources said negotiations are “ongoing” but no deal has been signed. Apparently, there are rumors the deal would be less lucrative for the artist than hoped, but her team is reportedly unconcerned, a friend said:

“[She has had] a phenomenal career and is still a global force.”

We don’t doubt the mother of two has enough name recognition to keep pumping out projects — whether they’re critically acclaimed or not. And she clearly loves being in the spotlight. But if all this is getting in the way of her marriage, as many have speculated, will she pull back to keep the Air star in her life? Or is he going to be collateral damage??

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[Image via CBS Sunday Morning/Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube]

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