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Make Some Noise For Marriage Equality With Gavin Creel!

This is truly extraordinary.
Gavin Creel has recorded a beautiful and rocking anthem to help spread the word of equality for all! Gay rights is something we will never stop fighting for and it’s people like Gavin, who use their creativity and talent to help the cause, that will help our motto one day become a reality.
Gavin shared his new single and video with us EXCLUSIVELY and explained why this song means so much to him. He told us:

“As you may know, in the last few years I├óΓé¼Γäóve become really passionate about the fight for marriage equality and LGBT equality in general. I’m reaching out to ask if you could help me with something that I hope will make a really big impact in this world….with MUSIC! (it only costs a BUCK and takes a second…)
My writing partner Robbie Roth and I have written a new song called ├óΓé¼┼ôNoise,├óΓé¼┬¥ which is sort of a gay anthem for our time. It’s about fighting silence and complacency, and being heard; a song that will hopefully fire people up to speak out for gay rights and make a loud noise so that all those treated unjustly, simply for being who they are and loving who they love, can hear and feel hope. I dream of making a musical statement with this song in a way that I don’t see enough in the music industry – a balls out, no hiding its intention, anthem for our movement.
If the song and the amazing video that Andrew Keenan-Bolger has made encourages people to get together and get loud so the men and women who have the power to actually change our laws will hear us and do so, that would be more than I could ever hope for. but i can’t do it alone. i need your help to spread it EVERYWHERE.”

This is us doing just that!
Please check out the video (above) to hear this incredible song done by Gavin and his co-horts!
The message is clear, but it needs to be louder and spread across this country with passion! Marriage equality needs to happen and it needs to happen now!
Equality for all!

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Dec 07, 2011 20:50pm PDT