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Gavin Creel's Tragic Tribute To Whitney Houston

Well this is sweet … and a little sad. If only Whitney could have heard it before she went off to the great yonder!
Our (imaginary) boyfriend Gavin Creel wrote the catchy tune Whitney Houston back in 2011, as a tribute to one of his favorite singers.
Apparently, it was Whitney’s music that got Creel through some difficult times in Junior High, when he felt totally “odd-kid out.”
As he writes on his YouTube page:

“She was my absolute favorite singer growing up, and I used to be made fun of for that. In 1987, an 11-year-old boy was supposed to have pictures of cars or baseball players on his bedroom wall…not a huge poster of Whitney Houston. Last summer while I was writing songs for my next record, I kept hearing about all these young boys who were getting pushed around, like I had been, for liking things ‘boys weren’t supposed to like,’ but I was also hearing that some of those boys decided life wasn’t worth living anymore.
I wanted to write a song to tell those kids about the woman who helped me through my tough time as a fruity little dude… about the woman who sang me through those crap junior high school years…a song about the music that made me feel happier, fuller, better. And, as I wrote it, I dreamt of getting to play it for her one day.”

Inspiring, but super sad he wasn’t able to play it for Miss Whitney.
The song itself has an uber-fun dance beat, and probably would have made Whitney proud.
Ch-ch-check out the tribute (above).

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