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Gerard Piqué's Girlfriend Calls Shakira WHAT Behind Her Back?!

Gerard Pique GF Clara Chia Marti Nicknames Shakira

We learned a couple months ago that Shakira had known Gerard Piqué‘s girlfriend even before the alleged affair. Obviously that makes the betrayal even worse.

It turns out the Try Everything singer may have had her suspicions about Clara Chia Marti, whom — according to multiple reports — the football star was bringing to the house he and Shak shared for months. See, when Shakira knew Clara as an intern at her husband’s agency, she had reportedly nicknamed her “mosquita muerta.” Literally that’s “dead mosquito” but figuratively she was apparently referring to the 23-year-old as a hidden threat — maybe “snake in the grass” is the closest analogy? Something you don’t worry about, but it turns out it’s dangerous, is the point. If she thought this young woman was a threat before any of this happened, well… just shows how shrewd Shakira is. Or maybe how well she knew her hubby?

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Anyway, we’re hearing now that Clara has come up with some nicknames she likes to use for Shakira now, too! According to journalist Roberto Antolin, the alleged mistress and Instagram official girlfriend regularly refers to her man’s ex as “old” and “witch.”

No, they aren’t quite as clever as mosquita muerta, but they have a certain blunt cruelty to them. We imagine neither is something Shakira wants to hear.

However, we’d also guess Clara wouldn’t want her little mean girl attempt being broadcast either! From what we’ve heard she’s been so overwhelmed by the negative attention from the cheating scandal that she’s been hiding out with a bodyguard! That image of a bullying victim has to be hard to maintain when everyone sees you’re being just as mean — just, you know, with less justification.

What do YOU think of Clara’s alleged names for Shakira??

[Image via Friday Night with Jonathan Ross/YouTube/Gerard Pique/Instagram.]

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Apr 27, 2023 17:31pm PDT

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