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Gerard Piqué's Mistress Clara Chia Marti Had To Hire A Bodyguard After Shakira Diss Track: REPORT

Gerard Piqué's Mistress Clara Chia Had To Hire A Bodyguard After Shakira Diss Track: REPORT

Shakira’s plan to get revenge is working — but apparently too much!

Earlier this month, the singer released a scathing diss track titled BZRP Music Sessions #53, in which she took aim at her ex Gerard Piqué, his mother, and his new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti! The song quickly went viral — and it’s now wreaking havoc on Clara’s life! As if (allegedly) hooking up with the Hips Don’t Lie singer’s partner of more than a decade wasn’t going to do that already…

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Here’s the wildly popular new song — if you haven’t listened yet!

According to Lorena Vazquez on the Mamarazzis podcast last week, Clara has been hounded by Shakira stans ever since her alleged affair was made public last summer, but especially after the allegations made in the new song. It doesn’t help that the 23-year-old PR student and former Manchester United athlete decided to go Instagram official as retaliation last week — giving everyone a clear picture of what Clara looks like! A decision the student is definitely regretting right about now, the insider explained:

“They stop her in the street, they sing the song to her, everyone recognizes her, and as she is quite a shy girl.”

Yeah, that would be soooo awful, especially since the general public is pretty much all on Shakira’s side! There’s really nothing good that can come out of those interactions.

Speaking on this, journalist Saul Ortiz revealed things have gotten so out of hand for the player’s new girl that she was forced to return home! He said during a Saturday appearance on Fiesta:

“She has been at her parents’ house for about eight days, teleworking.”

As you can probably imagine, the worldwide attention (and hate) has been a lot for Clara to handle, and it is taking a toll on her mental health, he noted:

“She has needed a refuge because her state of mind is not good. It’s not easy being a girl of 23 and being on the lips of Spain and the whole world. It has taken its toll on her and she needed to take a step away.”

Well obviously we hate to hear her mental health is suffering because of this scandal. We hate the hurt it’s cause Shakira too…

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Another source, Marisa Martin Blazquez via Marca, went on to claim things have gotten so bad for Clara, she’s had to hire a bodyguard to keep her safe from angry fans! OMG! She said:

“There has been a permanent security guard and she has not been seen leaving. She has needed assistance at other, more special levels, from experts.”


Shakira’s song really did a number on her… Eesh. We truly hope Clara’s getting the mental health support she needs in this challenging time. She may have f**ked up and gotten involved with the wrong guy, but it doesn’t mean we want to see her in any harm. That said, we doubt Shakira’s wrath is ending anytime soon — she still has so much to process and get off her chest! So hold on tight, y’all, this wild ride is just getting started!

Reactions?! Can you believe Clara needs a bodyguard now?? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Gerard Piqué/Instagram & Bizarrap/YouTube]

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