This Powerful PSA Shows The Effects Of Whitewashing In Movies Like Ghost In The Shell!

Ghost In The Shell

Critics continue to blast Paramount Pictures for not choosing a racially appropriate actor for the leading role of the live-action adaption of the anime Ghost In The Shell.

ICYMI, their pick (that they continue to defend) to play a character named Major Motoko Kusanagi was Scarlett Johansson

In response, two stand-up comedians — Jes Tom (26) and Chewy May (28) — put together a powerful PSA demonstrating the effects of whitewashing in film.

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The video tells the story of a young Asian girl struggling to find a comic book featuring a woman of color — until she stumbles upon a copy of the original Ghost in the Shell.

Years later, the girl as a young adult is seen walking the streets of New York, only to be disappointed when she passes a movie poster of Scarlett playing her beloved character.

May told BuzzFeed of the message she wanted to send in making this project:

“Whitewashing a superhero character tells little girls of color that they cannot be superheroes, and it hurts.”

Tom added:

“Whitewashing Asian people out of stories created for and by and about us makes it hard for other people to see us as full, dimensional people.”

Watch the full PSA and let us know what you think in the comments (below):

[Image via Paramount Pictures/YouTube.]

Mar 9, 2017 6:22pm PDT