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Glee’s Samuel Larsen Is Shirtless & Adorable In These GIFs From Our Photo Shoot!

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Okay, Gleeks!
By the look of all your Samuel Larsen GIFs and comments, it seems you loved the EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes footage of our photo shoot with the Glee star!
Seeing as we couldn’t be happier with your fan reactions, we├óΓé¼Γäóve pulled some of our favorite GIFs of Samuel just for you!
CLICK HERE if you haven’t yet watched our AH-MAZING video with the actor!
Then be sure to check out all the GIFs …AFTER THE JUMP!!!
Now, let’s start with this fabulous WTF-face. Stand in front of the mirror, and try it yourselves. It took us a couple times to master.
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Then imagine yourselves wearing this beautiful, Samuel-pheromone-induced piece of clothing.
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Uhh…not sure what this is. Teeth shot?
tumblr moakggaqqa1qdpmnso10 500
Thumbs up, ladies??
tumblr moakggaqqa1qdpmnso9 500
Le sigh. That’s all we’ve got to say for this one.
tumblr moakggaqqa1qdpmnso2 500
How Samuel greets people he’s never met before — okay, okay, maybe not, but can you imagine??
tumblr moakggaqqa1qdpmnso1 500
Gahh, just adorbzies!
tumblr moa1jwymb81rkom9lo2 250
“Serious. Must. Be Serious.”
tumblr moa1jwymb81rkom9lo7 400
Oh! There’s that shirt again! Such a Ramones fan, this one!
tumblr moakggaqqa1qdpmnso5 r1 250
“Keep talking. I’m talking… What am I saying??”
tumblr moakggaqqa1qdpmnso4 500
tumblr moakggaqqa1qdpmnso3 500

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Jun 13, 2013 14:20pm PDT

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