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GMA's Amy Robach Finally Gets A New Gig... WITHOUT Boyfriend TJ Holmes!?

GMA Amy Robach New TV Job TJ Holmes Rejected

UPDATE 8/16/23 2:39 P.M. PST: Don’t set your DVRs just yet! It turns out Amy Robach ISN’T taking a job with NewsNation! Multiple sources denied the rumors, telling The US Sun on Wednesday that the talk show host is still “waiting for the right opportunity” and has told friends in personal conversations that she hasn’t accepted a job with the aforementioned network. A second source revealed:

“There is no truth to this deal and no one around Amy has any idea where this false NewsNation info came from.”

Well, then! Guess she’s still on the job hunt alongside her equally embattled boyfriend! Perhaps they’re waiting for a joint gig?!


Remember how Amy Robach and TJ Holmes were trying so hard to sell themselves as a hot TV couple? A package deal taking advantage of the palpable chemistry they had on GMA3?

Well, there was always a problem there. That chemistry led to an extramarital affair — one that got the sexy pair FIRED from their cushy daytime TV positions. They hoped for a while things would be different if they could find a gig that would go in with eyes wide open. If a network was willing to ignore any moral qualms viewers may have had about their illicit tryst, they reasoned, it could capitalize on the buzz about their relationship.

It wasn’t a bad play as far as we were concerned — but it just never panned out. Maybe networks were worried about pushback from viewers? Maybe they were worried a couple that came together via cheating wasn’t stable enough? We mean, if they broke up (or heaven forbid went through ANOTHER cheating scandal) a show built around them as a couple would implode instantly!

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For whatever reason, all of daytime TV passed on the package deal. But it seems one network was willing to take Amy — as long as it was a solo deal. According to a report from, Amy has found her first gig since January’s ousting. She’s going to host her own show on NewsNation!

Yes, we frankly always assumed the fast-growing network — which has notably been taking in troubled strays like scandal-ridden Chris Cuomo and Trump cabinet castoffs Sean Spicer and Mick Mulvaney — would hire Amy and T.J. But it turns out they only wanted her!

The outlet’s NewsNation source actually complained about the practice, saying:

“First Chris Stirewalt then Chris Cuomo and now Amy! It doesn’t do our reputation any good. It makes it look like we are a dump for people who can’t get a bigger and better job elsewhere.”

We mean, there certainly is an hint of that. There’s also a Moneyball aspect to it. They’re much smaller than the big networks still — and if they pick people who are being rejected by scared networks but NOT by the public, they could gain the appearance of being the smallest of the big dogs. That’s actually a lot higher up than where their viewership is currently and way, WAY higher than just a year ago.

It remains to be seen if Amy and T.J. have been canceled in viewers’ eyes. GMA didn’t give them enough time to find out. (Cuomo we’re still a little surprised they picked up, if we’re being honest.) But it does seem T.J. was a bit too far.

The negotiations were at first with BOTH as a couple. But ultimately NewsNation passed on Holmes. Maybe for the reasons we mentioned above? Maybe for what DM‘s source was afraid of — looking bad. They added:

“There is no doubt that Amy is talented. But the general feeling in the building is that she has too much baggage and the company should be going after talent who have not been fired from other networks.”

It’s a fair concern. NewsNation‘s most beloved and trusted team member, near as we’ve been able to tell, is Brian Entin, who came to fame along with the network for his dogged coverage of the Gabby Petito disappearance/murder case. More journalists like that would definitely be appreciated by the general public, we’re sure.

But we’d bet everyone will take Amy ro-back pretty quickly. Just a guess. Her new show, tentatively called Robach & Co., is currently looking to debut in January, about a year after her firing from GMA.

Our big question now is… what does this do to Amy and T.J. as a couple? They’ve only ever been together as a couple either working together all day or, well, being unemployed together all day. Now she’s going to have a sweet TV gig, and he’s going to be sitting around their new apartment all day? Will that drive a wedge between them?

Lots of questions still to be answered. We guess we’ll found out in a few months! Will YOU be tuning in to Amy’s show??

[Image via GMA/YouTube.]

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