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There's ONE GMA Host Amy Robach Blames For Her & T.J. Holmes' Sudden Ousting!

Whoa! There's ONE GMA Host Amy Robach Blames For Her & T.J. Holmes' Sudden Ousting!

There is a LOT of drama going down behind the scenes of Amy Robach and T.J. Holmesremoval from their hosting gigs on Good Morning America!

As we’ve been reporting, Robach and Holmes were temporarily displaced from co-hosting GMA3 amid allegations of a scandalous affair. Both high-profile TV hosts initially stayed on air and worked as normal after those claims first broke last week. But after days of massive media attention, GMA producers pulled both Holmes and Robach off the air.

Now, according to an insider who spoke to Us Weekly on Monday, the two daytime TV anchors “won’t be back [on air] for the foreseeable future.” Plus, sources are slinging details about who supposedly led to their removal!!!

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According to an insider who spoke to the mag on Monday night, Robach allegedly believes it was fellow GMA on-air personality Lara Spencer who forced producers’ hands on the alleged affair!

Whoa! There's ONE <i>GMA</i> Host Amy Robach Blames For Her & T.J. Holmes' Sudden Ousting!
Is Lara Spencer on the hook for kicking Holmes and Robach off air?? / (c) GMA/YouTube

The insider revealed to the mag how show execs were initially “giddy” over the ratings they got following the first news of the alleged affair. However, “something happened” in the last week to get Robach and Holmes booted from their perch. And Amy is now placing that blame squarely on her co-worker:

“The bosses were thrilled and giddy with the ratings on Friday, but now Amy and T.J. are suddenly off the show. It’s not a delayed reaction — something happened and Amy is blaming Lara.”

The insider cryptically added:

“ABC made the decision after further details came to light.”


From the insider, there is at least some context as to why Robach believes Spencer is responsible for pushing her out. Back in 2012, Robach stepped in to help helm GMA while then-lead host Robin Roberts took time away from set while recovering from a bone marrow transplant.

At that long-ago time, execs supposedly saw Robach — and not the now-53-year-old Spencer — as the host-in-waiting to follow Roberts in the future. That, the insider claims, supposedly enraged Spencer:

“Lara was livid that Amy was seen by bosses as Robin’s heir-apparent. It was clear that Amy would be the one to step in. Lara wanted the gig and hasn’t ever forgotten it.”

Drama, drama, drama!! But that feud kicked off a DECADE ago. Is it really true that Spencer “hasn’t ever forgotten it”?! Even today?? Wild and salacious if so!!

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FWIW, Lara was eventually promoted to co-host GMA in April of 2014 — one month after Robach got her anchor nod. There were even reports of tension between the two of them at the time after each woman moved up in position! TMZ ran with the claims of controversy on set that year. In an interview with the new host that month, they even got her to comment on it. She denied any friction between her and Robach, saying:

“I know it’s not as sexy as the other story line, but we’ve been friends for a really long time. I think if you look back or you’re a viewer and you watch the show, it’s just simply not true.”

Well now, more than eight years after that interview, we’re suddenly not so sure! Reactions, Perezcious readers?? Share ’em down in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via Good Morning America/YouTube/YouTube]

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