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Cristina Cuomo Offers TERRIBLE Defense Of Her Bleach Bath Post

Cristina Cuomo Defends Coronavirus Clorox Bleach Bath

Cristina Cuomo heard your criticism — and she is NOT backing down!

The lifestyle blogger, who founded the online mag The Purist in 2017, made headlines after CNN anchor hubby Chris Cuomo revealed she tested positive for the novel coronavirus after him.

Following her recovery, she posted a blog about her experience with COVID-19 — a blog which drew controversy for its embrace of holistic remedies, including baths in diluted bleach.

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Speaking to People on Thursday, Cristina explained the reason she wanted to be so open about her experience in the first place was to ease anxieties of those freaking out about getting the virus:

“I have to say, the fear I had going into it was far greater than the fear I had while I was in it. I think there’s so much anxiety right now around this virus, and part of it is the fear of knowing there’s no vaccine, and there’s no proven cure or treatments.”

So she offered up some possible treatments which she — let’s say strongly implied — worked for her:

“I think anecdotal evidence is really important right now — what are you feeling, how’s it going for you? — so people get a better understanding of what to expect.”

But isn’t misleading them worse than saying nothing at all? Giving future COVID patients the idea they can help cure themselves by making a bleach bath or dropping $300 on an injection of vitamin C instead of following a medical doctor’s orders is DANGEROUS!

Cristina responds to the criticism by beginning:

“There’s a huge opposition against holistic medicine, I get that.”

But does she understand why there’s a huge opposition? These are not methods used by the medical community because they have not been proven effective OR safe in peer-reviewed studies.

Meanwhile there are plenty of folks out there who know they can make a quick buck selling herbal remedies and diet plans and vagina rocks with no proven (positive) effects!

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Cristina admits she doesn’t know if any of the expensive treatments her homeopathic doctors or naturopaths actually did anything for her or if she was just blessed to be one of those who simply don’t experience the worst symptoms. However…

“Who knows if it worked or what it did, but I know that in nine days, I got most of that virus out of my system. This being a virus with no vaccination and no cure, my resolution was to learn as much as I can, go to my same doctor Linda Lancaster and follow her protocol, her prescription. And no way am I saying please try this. It’s just the path that I took and I’m sharing it because there isn’t a lot of anecdotal evidence.”

Wait, how can you say you’re NOT saying “please try this” at the same time you’re singing the praises of “anecdotal” evidence??

Speaking of anecdotal evidence, there’s a reason it’s completely useless in science. If a single person says they ate peanut butter sandwiches every day and they got better from coronavirus, we can’t just ASSUME peanut butter sandwiches are some kind of cure. Hundreds of thousands of people have recovered from COVID-19, and most of them didn’t eat peanut butter sandwiches every day. And almost none of them took bleach baths.

Y’all — we know bleach baths and vitamin IV drips are real things doctors occasionally prescribe for specific ailments (like eczema and malnutrition, respectively), but they have nothing to do with the coronavirus.

If you have the severe breathing problems associated with the worst cases of the coronavirus, please just seek medical attention.

[Image via C. Smith/WENN and Madonna/Instagram.]

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Apr 30, 2020 16:27pm PDT

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