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GoFundMe Donations Raised For Homeless Man Johnny Bobbitt All Gone, Lawyer Says

Sigh, this is a disappointing turn of events.
A once inspiring story of selflessness has turned sour, as we’ve learned that Marine veteran Johnny Bobbitt is apparently back on the streets again, and with empty pockets. According to his attorney Chris Fallon, a large portion of the GoFundMe donations raised for Bobbitt was mishandled.
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So, how did we even get here?
To bring you up to speed, last year, donations were raised after Johnny helped a woman named Kate McClure, who ran out of gas on an I-95 exit ramp one night.
Bobbitt walked to a nearby gas station to purchase gas for her with his last $20, and McClure vowed to pay him back. After doing so, she and boyfriend Mark D’Amico took their gratitude a step further and created a GoFundMe campaign that raised more than $400,000 from more than 14,000 people.
(Apparently that’s only around $360,000 after fees.)
Now here’s where it gets messy.
The couple in question reportedly bought the vet a camper to live out of on family property in New Jersey, but he was later evicted. Fears of Bobbitt’s alleged drug use reportedly became a concern for the couple, with his addiction being the reason they were wary of giving him large sums from the donation pile all at once. It’s reported they opened a bank account for him with $25,000. It’s also reported that Bobbitt is accused of spending that amount of money on drugs, overdue legal bills, and sending $$ to family.
That being said, Bobbitt himself started growing suspicious of how the rest of the funds were being used when the couple reportedly purchased a BMW and started taking lavish trips. While D’Amico did allegedly admit to the Philadelphia Inquirer that he spent a small part of Bobbitt’s donations on gambling — $500 — he insists he soon repaid it. Aside from that, the couple has denied using any of the funds on themselves.
Bobbitt eventually decided to obtain legal counsel to seek access to the rest of the funds. Reportedly, Bobbitt says all in all he has only received about $75,000 from the donations, though the couple’s attorney has claimed he’s received $200,000.
Last week, it was reported there was still $150,000 left in donations, and a New Jersey judge in the case had ordered the couple to transfer the remaining funds into an escrow account and hire an accountant to review financial records. The money was to be controlled by Bobbitt’s lawyer, and not used until determined how so by the judge. But on Tuesday, Bobbitt’s lawyer Fallon claims he discovered the funds were all gone in a conference call among the case’s attorneys, telling

“There is no money left. Where the money went, I have no idea.”

Bobbitt is said to be devastated.
As for next steps, Fallon says all they can do is try to follow the trail.

“We really have to take this one step at a time. We are going to follow up as best we can to follow where the money went.”

The next hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.
While they try to figure everything out, Bobbitt can at least find solace in a detox program that his attorney has helped him get into via scholarship.

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Sep 04, 2018 18:24pm PDT

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