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OMG, Did Golfer Rory McIlroy Call Off Divorce Just To SAVE MONEY?!?!?

Rory McIlroy Divorce Called Off Money Wife

If you haven’t heard, Rory McIlroy surprised us all on Tuesday by calling off his divorce! The golf champ filed last month amid rumors he’d left his wife Erica Stoll. We’d heard whispers he was seeing someone else already. But the real point of no return to us seemed to be when he hired a private investigator to blindside his wife with divorce papers at their marital home in Florida — just hours after he won a major golf tourney three states away in North Carolina. Stone cold, right? Definitely evidence there was no chance of reconciliation… and yet… Here we are, and they called it off!

In an interview with The Guardian, Rory explained:

“Over the past weeks, Erica and I have realized that our best future was as a family together. Thankfully, we have resolved our differences and look forward to a new beginning.”

If the shocking news made you believe in love all over again… maybe reel that in a bit and read this theory first.

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Apparently some sources close to the Irish sportsman don’t think it was true love that changed his mind. A friend of Rory’s told on Wednesday they reckon it’s the fact he’d have to part ways with a big chunk of his golf fortune! The source said:

“The cold realisation of exactly how much the divorce could cost him hit hard. McIlroy has amassed a fortune of more than £200m and his projected earnings in his career are predicted to be more than double that figure. Surely he didn’t want to see all that money he’s accrued diminish. It would have felt like a huge waste if millions ended up in the pockets of lawyers.”

McIlroy was third on Forbes‘ list of the highest paid golfers in 2023, and the Sunday Times Rich List estimated his net worth last year to be $255 million. It’s more money than most of us could spend in a lifetime, but apparently some in Rory’s inner circle believe he’d like to keep it all right where it is — and he’s willing to work through his marriage problems like an adult to do so.

Ugh, if this decision really comes down to saving millions, that is one of the most cynical turns we’ve seen in a long time. And if it’s true, it also means the golfer is facing an uphill climb with a lot of hazards along the way. As the friend points out, the couple have a LOT of work to do on their marriage, and it may not even work:

“This doesn’t confirm they have completely reconciled their differences. It’s a cooling off period and the next six months will be telling as to whether they can properly patch up the relationship.”

It’s not all mercenary in the McIlroy house. The friend does say the couple’s young daughter Poppy weighed heavily in his decision to stay with Erica:

“There is also their three-year-old daughter Poppy to consider. Rory is a doting dad and he has strong family values.”

Did they actually just argue he has “strong family values” after telling us the primary motivator was his millions of bucks? Yeesh.

[Image via MEGA/WENN.]

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