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Halsey Reveals She 'Completely Spiraled' At The Start Of COVID Pandemic Lockdowns Last Year

Halsey admits she "completely spiraled" at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns.

Honestly, we’re so proud of Halsey for being so open and honest about something that so many people have struggled with for twelve months now!

And it’s doubly bad for the 26-year-old performer, too, considering her livelihood is directly affected by concerts, live shows, fan meet-and-greets, and other things that have been pretty much entirely canceled for an entire year.

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The pop singer sat down for a new interview with Byrdie this week, and revealed interesting and important details about how she “completely spiraled” at the beginning of last year’s COVID-19 worldwide pandemic spread and associated lockdowns.

The performing artist, who is currently expecting her first child with boyfriend Alev Aydin, told the outlet (below):

“I completely spiraled. I went from waking up and someone text[ing] me a schedule of everything I’m doing that day, every single day, to being home and being like, ‘Am I gonna rewatch Euphoria for the fifth time?’ This industry is not something that is promised to me. I don’t know when the next time that I’ll step on the stage is, to be completely honest with you. I hope it’s soon. I have a tour that’s scheduled and I wake up every day hoping it doesn’t get canceled. But I know it probably will.”

Of course, she turned out to be right about that last part, unfortunately. And wow… to hear her admit she “completely spiraled.”


Girl, we both feel for you AND feel you! Trust us, you were not alone in feeling that way last year… or really pretty much for the entire last twelve months! Beyond that, the Bad At Love singer also got real about what the lockdowns meant for her, both in her career and her personal life, especially as they continued to wear on. She said (below):

“It breaks my heart not knowing when I’ll get to do the thing that I love again. It makes me wonder, am I losing really important years? But also, if that is true and I ended up only getting to have a couple, I would take having a couple over having none any day. And approaching that 30 benchmark, it’s like, ‘Okay, what do I want to accomplish in my career? And [don’t I] want to start a family?’ People are going to be like, ‘She cares so much about her career, she’s going to die alone.’ Or if you decide to get married or start a family, people are like, ‘She really could have been something if she would have just focused on her career.'”

Whoa. Very, very honest — and very true! That’s especially true as a pressure women must face, of course. Like they have to pick one between their career and starting a family. Why not both?! And why don’t men face the same criticism??

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Ultimately, though, the singer landed on the correct analysis of the whole situation. She summed it up best with this conclusion:

“Everyone has a specific opinion about what you do by the time you hit a certain age. And now there’s the added pressure of having years taken from you, right? Like, ‘Oh, man. I’m not winning.’ So if you’re not gonna win, you might as well just do whatever the f**k you want.”

Seriously! There’s no shame in admitting mental health and personal happiness are keys to our well-being as humans — and this past calendar year has been a really s**tty time for all of that. We know it’s difficult for celebs to open up about stuff like this in general, but honestly, we’re super proud of Halsey for being so raw and so real about something millions of other people are feeling, too!

What do U make of Halsey’s open and honest admissions about spiraling during the first few weeks and months of the pandemic, Perezcious readers? Relatable to U? Did U go through something similar, or know people who did? Sound off with your reactions to everything here down in the comments (below)…

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