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Harry Potter Bows Down To Edward Cullen


Are vampires hotter than wizards?

Daniel Radcliffe seems to think so, at least when it comes to real life. At the NYC premiere of Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince on Thursday night, Dan was asked about the mega-hot Robert Pattison and he conceded that women should pine over R-Patz rather than him.

“Rob Pattinson is a sex symbol,” says Dan-Rad. “Rob Pattinson is a genuine sexy guy. He’s got the height. If girls like short and nerdy, then I’m a sex symbol!”

Ha! Very true.

But while we are definitely on Team R-Patz, we think you have your own geeky charm Dan. Of course, we’d much rather see him in Equus than you, if you catch our drift!

[Image via WENN.]

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Jul 10, 2009 19:15pm PDT