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Harry Styles In ‘No Hurry’ To Date During Pandemic -- But He’s ‘Got Some Options In The Pipeline’

Harry Styles in no hurry to date during pandemic

Don’t fret yet, stans! Harry Styles isn’t off the market, though he could be soon!

Sources close to the Watermelon Sugar singer told Us Weekly the pop star remains vigilant in his efforts to uphold lifesaving coronavirus protocols and has thus put his dating efforts on pause this year. Unlike Miley Cyrus, who has been open about dating amid the pandemic (hello, “FaceTime sex”!), Styles has largely remained cautious!

The insider explained:

“His dating life has been pretty nonexistent during lockdown because he’s been so careful to respect quarantining rules and social distancing.”

Love to hear it!

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With COVID-19 surges as high as ever across the US, it’s great to know this swoon-worthy A-lister is staying safe at home and setting a great example for fans.

But don’t think the Don’t Worry Darling lead will be lonely for long! It seems he’s got his sights set on someone special, with the source elaborating:

“He’s got some options in the pipeline in terms of who he’d like to date under the right circumstances, but nothing intense or formal. He’s in no hurry at all. It’s a genuine, go-with-the-flow attitude, although it goes without saying he certainly won’t be single in the long term.”

Looks like someone’s got a lockdown crush!

And there’s a long list of guesses after the former One Direction heartthrob caught the attention of many with his historic (and iconic) Vogue cover shoot. The pics, which you may remember, show Harry in an array of gender-fluid clothing and spiked controversy online as some haters (most notably conservative author Candace Owens) took to socials with a weak plea to “bring back manly men.” Like, WTF does that even mean these days?

The Fine Line songwriter slapped back with a killer (and HIGHlarious) response, shutting down the discussion and making his stance perfectly clear (below).

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Amid all this frenzy, it turns out the 26-year-old has been living a simple life just like the rest of us, as the Us Weekly insider even mentioned:

“He and his roommates are quarantining together in L.A., waiting for the world to return to normal like the rest of us, though Harry has made some trips back to London for work and family purposes.”

We’re hoping the work means a new album, which he recently teased in his Variety’s Hitmaker of the Year acceptance speech. Harry shared:

“We try and make good music that we like, and sometimes that connects and sometimes that doesn’t. It’s very cool to think that people liked some of the songs on the last album…This is a very cool moment. I’m very proud of this. Thank you so much. I will get back in the studio.”

We cannot wait to hear new music! Perhaps a little social distance romance will be all the influence he needs for another #1 album?

[Image via WENN/Avalon]

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