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Amy Winehouse Spits On Fans: Is she on the verge of a breakdown?”
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Amy Winehouse Spits On Fans
Is she on the verge of a breakdown?
Amy Winehouse shocked fans during her performance at the Eden Project on Tuesday.
The soul singer looked exhausted as she took to the stage – even forgetting lyrics to her own songs.
According to fans, Winehouse was hitting herself in the head with the microphone and even walked off stage – leaving her band confused.
But the last straw for fans came after the Wino spat on the crowd – with many leaving the venue with nothing but contempt for the singer.
“She seemed to wipe away tears on two occasions” a fan told The Sun “By the end of she looked a very distressed lady.”
Another fan said: “Her first two songs were fine then she went running off stage. After she came back she was hitting her head over and over.”
Winehouse has come under much criticism in the past weeks after canceling a string of gigs.
The Camden Caner cancelled a gig in Liverpool citing exhaustion as the reason for her no-show – but was spotted drinking at her local just hours later.

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Jul 19, 2007 13:54pm PDT