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Kate and Sienna in catfight
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Kate and Sienna in catfight
NO wedding is complete without a good old-fashioned bust-up.
And KATE MOSS and SIENNA MILLER kept the tradition alive at a mutual pal’s reception with a foul-mouthed catfight — over RHYS IFANS.
I bet the Welsh scarecrow never thought he’d find himself at the centre of a jealous tug of war between two of Britain’s best looking women.
Kate has been pals with Rhys for years and has had the hump since Sienna pulled him — because he’s stopped getting hammered with the model.
Sienna arrived at the reception in London with Rhys, not long after Cocaine Kate, who was with new fella JAMIE HINCE and best pal SADIE FROST.
Evil glares were exchanged across the dancefloor as the tension mounted between the two camps.
And after some serious alcohol lubrication it all kicked off.
A witness at Saturday’s bash told me: “Kate had a go at Sienna and accused her of stealing her style. She was ranting on about how Sienna was now trying to steal her lifestyle and her friends too.
“It was really cutting and everyone was listening to them.
“A few drinks had been sunk by the time Kate said it and Sienna had plucked up some Dutch courage too. She gave Kate as good as she got.”
After Sienna fought her corner with an obscene tirade of her own, an unlikely peacemaker stepped in — Sadie.
Let’s not forget Sadie once despised Sienna for getting together with her ex JUDE LAW.
She and Kate once spent hours bitching about her over numerous glasses of wine — especially when Sienna’s effortless style earned her fashion contracts and she was hailed a style icon.
But Sadie — who is trying to cut down her boozing — has long since buried the hatchet with Sienna and stepped in on Saturday to calm things down.
The onlooker added: “Sadie stood between them and reminded them that it was a wedding and that they should show some respect. Sienna was in the mood for carrying on the scrap but Rhys persuaded her to call it a night.”
The next morning Sienna had her phone glued to her ear and chain smoked as she picked over the evening’s antics during breaks in filming her new movie, Hippie Hippie Shake. Rhys showed up on his moped to offer moral support.
It’s no surprise Kate is so hacked off — now that Sadie and Pete Doherty are on the wagon, she’s running out of Caners to hang out with.

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Sep 24, 2007 19:25pm PDT