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Paris Hilton may plan to sue her lawyer
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Paris Hilton may plan to sue her lawyer
Paris Hilton may have a feud going with someone who isn’t best-known for nightclubbing: her former lawyer.
The ex-jailbird heiress is “furious” with Richard Hutton, the lawyer who represented her in her DUI case, says a source close to the Hilton family, who claims that her camp is looking into possible legal action against him.
“The way this case was handled was a disaster,” the insider says. “Nobody goes to jail for DUI that long. It was all the lawyer’s fault and we’re looking into what recourse we have.” The source says legal action may be in the future.
Hutton did not respond to request for comment, but Hilton’s rep denies the story, saying “There is no truth to this item.”

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Jun 28, 2007 17:19pm PDT

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