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Jesse McCartney

He's Getting Uglier With Age

Jesse McCartney must be cursing Zac Efron‘s existence!
There was a time when both were co-stars on the barely watched TV show Summerland and McCartney was the bigger star. By far.
Oh, how things have changed!
Now, Zacquisha is everywhere and Jesse couldn’t get arrested for underage drinking if he tried. A little scandal would do him good.
Chin up, blondie. At least your highlights are looking good – but you need a new haircut!
Here’s McCartney, Thursday night at the 2007 Spirit of Life Dinner in LA.
It seems like he and Zac have the same makeup artist!
P.S. You might wanna have a doctor check out your Herpes lips, Jesse.
[Photo via Getty Images.]

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Sep 28, 2007 11:57am PDT

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