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He's Probably Going To Jail


Bad news for R. Kelly!

As the singer’s child molestation trial continues…

A new witness is set to come forward and provide some damning testimony against the pervy R&B star!

A woman is claming to have had a 3some with Kelly and the young teenager – believed to be 13 or 14 – who he videotaped himself having sex with.

As part of the case, prosecutors claim to have identified the girl in the videotape. This alleged victim is now in her 20s. Kelly’s lawyers plan to argue — and the alleged victim will reportedly testify — that she is not the girl in the tape.

But the prosecution’s new witness could undermine that defense, since she will identify the girl, sources with knowledge of the matter told the Chicago Sun-Times. In addition, the witness is expected to say the girl was underage at the time of their encounter.

If he’s guilty, which it sure SEEMS he is, then R. Kelly needs to be locked up for a nice long while.

Child molester!

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May 03, 2008 15:19pm PDT

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