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Johnathon Schaech Dishes On Short-Lived Marriage To Jana Kramer -- & She’s NOT Happy!

jana kramer, jonathon schaech : she's not happy when he shares their wedding photo

When you’re in the public eye, an ex sharing about your relationship can become quite the ordeal.

Take it from Jana Kramer — she’s already lived a lot of her relationship drama in the spotlight. Most recently, the main drama has been moving past her husband Mike Caussin’s cheating scandals and helping him overcome his s*x addiction. But long before that, there was her breakup from Johnathon Schaech.

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The pair dated for years before getting married in 2010, but the marriage was short lived, to say the least. The One Tree Hill alum filed for divorce less than two weeks later. Her ex recalled that time on Twitter, posting a photo from their ill-fated wedding day with the caption:

“I had to explain this photo to my son today. I told him I’ve been married three times. But I got it right when I married his mother. @kramergirl and I lasted a week. We weren’t meant but for this photo and friendship.”

Innocuous enough message, but the That Thing You Do! star didn’t stop there. Asked if he had happy memories of the day, he simply replied “Nope.” He also had a shady response about the couple’s pup, also featured in the photo:

“Sophie passed away. I tried to get custody forever but Jana knew the dog loved me too much.”

To make matters more interesting, the actor quickly had to backtrack his eyebrow-raising comments when the media picked up the story. For instance:

“Dear @usweekly —- I didn’t show my son. He saw it on his pad which was mine. Plus he sees @kramergirl and Mike all the time. Awkward is the pics of us all moving to Nashville the same day / on the same flight. @JulsSolomon”

He continued to emphasize his friendly relationship with his ex-wife, tweeting:

“Hey Ryan and @eonline My wife @JulsSolomon and @kramergirl are best friends. Mike and I are brothers. And my son is okay with knowing the truth.

Twist it anyway you’d like. But don’t twist s**t about my son.
No. No. No.”

So how does Jana feel about this mess playing out on social media? Well, despite their friendship, she’s less than pleased. On her podcast Whine Down, she explained:

“So my ex-husband, because I guess he technically was a husband, so he tweeted out a picture of our wedding day. … But he tags me in it. And I’m like, first of all, why are you tagging me in it? And secondly, we’re friends… his wife is my best friend, you know, we’ve been great, but it kinda rubbed me wrong. … Like, why are you posting a photo of our wedding day? That’s from the past.”

She added:

“I didn’t want to see that photo on my Twitter. And now you’re tagging me in it. So I don’t want other people to see that photo. Yeah, you can Google it if you’re searching and you wanna see it. It bothered me.”

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The country singer and her hubby related the situation to a recent quote from Rachel Bilson about her old classmate Rami Malek requesting she take down a throwback Instagram of the pair together. The 37-year-old went on:

“I ended up texting John because he started to continue commenting about how it was a horrible day, and nothing was real about it. And I’m like, ‘Can you be nice and not say mean things about me on Twitter?’ And he’s like, ‘it wasn’t real’ … and I’m like… first of all, it was so long ago, and why are you tagging me and dragging me — so I’m like, I’m annoyed that it’s still there. So a part of me wants to text him and be like, ‘Can you take that down?'”

For now, the pic remains online, but we do kind of see Jana’s point. If their families are as close as they say, it’s pretty rough for Jonathon to be s**t talking their non-marriage online all these years later! Perhaps there’s still some baggage here that needs to be addressed. We hope they can work it out and return to friendly ex status!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN/Instar]

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