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Jax Taylor Claims Lala Kent's Ex Randall Emmett Still Owes Him $75k!

Jax Taylor Claims Lala Kent's Ex Randall Emmett Still Owes Him $75k!

Lala Kent was right! Randall Emmett DOES owe Jax Taylor a s**t ton of money!!

Three months ago, the Vanderpump Rules star claimed her ex owned Jax six figures, which was a shocking revelation considering the filmmaker lives such a lavish life. Why in the world was he getting a loan from the former reality star? And why hadn’t he paid it back?

After mentioning the situation briefly last month on Watch What Happens Live, Jax and his wife Brittany Cartwright are FINALLY getting into the financial troubles at length!

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In Tuesday’s episode of their podcast, When Reality Hits, aptly titled, “Where Is My Money?!”, the couple revealed Jax invested $100,000 in a business deal back when Lala and Randall were still a couple — but he’s only been paid back $25,000. Brittany began by saying the 43-year-old got “super close [with Randall] when he was dating Lala,” adding:

“Jax has been nicer than he should have been because we all know who Randall is — he was Lala’s ex, her baby daddy, and he treated her terribly and did all this terrible stuff while they were dating.”

She continued:

“Jax had done this business deal with Randall, so he still had to keep in contact — not like seeing him or hanging out or anything like that — but he was having to talk to him because he owed him so much money.”

After noting that they’re “getting sick of it,” her hubby chimed in:

“I’m a little pissed off, and it’s annoying.”

So, what happened? The Vanderpump Rules alum explained in detail:

“Randall and I had a deal where I would invest in movies with him. I invested into, I want to say three, movies where basically, they were bridge loans, and I would get a producer credit. I invest in the movie, I wait till the movie airs, and then I would get my money back — there’s really no losing in this, it’s a pretty easy thing, he does it with his mom and dad, too.”

He added:

“We trusted him, and I’ve learned my lesson big time.”

While the pair had successfully navigated these loans in the past, “right before Covid hit” in 2020, Jax participated in “another investment deal” that totally f**ked him over! When Randall reached out for $100k, Jax agreed to help out. Then everything changed. He said:

“Covid hit … I expect to get my money back. ‘The money’s not gonna happen.’ … He made up some bulls**t excuse.”

The film industry completely shut down during the lockdown, so it’s no surprise the movie couldn’t be filmed. But why didn’t Randall pay the loan right back? Had he already spent the money?? Jax wondered:

“Now, he’s filming other movies, where, okay, if you’re going to film other movies, I should be getting my money back. Where did that $100 grand go? If the movie didn’t happen then I should have that money back.”

Wow! He’s filming more without even trying to reconcile things with the model? What the heck? Jax went on to allege Randall is trying to run from his past, noting he “now changed his name [to] Randall Ives” in Hollywood “because his name is so shot in the town,” he expressed:

“Everybody in Hollywood has written a negative story about Randall.”


This battle has gone on so long and caused so much frustration, the TV personality will gladly accept just $50k at this point, as opposed to the $75k he’s owned. That said, Brittany thinks “he needs to pay everything he owes” and the situation has now been handed over to Taylor’s lawyers. Oof. Better pay up fast, Randy!

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On why this is so important, the father of 2-year-old Cruz argued:

“I am Jax Taylor, a family man. You took money from a family man. I need to support my family and pay my mortgage. You took from me. […] I need to feed my family, that is why I made these investments to make money to support my family.”

Complaining about the Midnight in the Switchgrass producer’s use of money, which he displays on IG, Jax slammed:

“Where the f**k is my money? You took from a family man, I’m not a studio.”

Brittany agreed, insisting:

“Randall, just pay him back.”

Whoa. This is a mess! We can’t imagine what it must feel like to be out of that much money with no return in sight. At this time, it doesn’t appear as if Randall has responded to the claims. Reactions??

[Image via Randall Emmett/Instagram & WWHL/YouTube]

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