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Jessica Alba’s Daughter TURNED DOWN Her Mom’s Offer To Throw Her A Sweet 16 -- For THIS Hilarious Reason!

Jessica Alba’s Daughter TURNED DOWN Her Mom’s Offer To Throw Her A Sweet 16

Just the thought of momma Jessica Alba throwing a party for her upcoming birthday apparently had Honor Warren cringing!

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week, the 43-year-old actress updated host Jimmy Fallon on her eldest daughter, revealing that Honor is not only “officially driving” but turning 16 years old “really soon” — on Friday, June 7. Wow! With a milestone birthday like that, one would think her daughter would want a sweet 16, right? Well, not Honor! She HATED the idea when Jessica offered to throw a party in honor of her big day! The actress-slash-momma said:

“I was like, ‘[It’s] your 16th birthday, this is my moment to really shine as a party-thrower.’ And she’s like, ‘No, Mom, it’s so embarrassing.’”


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According to Jessica, Honor actually could not “think of anything worse” than her mom throwing a sweet 16! Ouch! While the Honey star insists she’s “the best party-thrower in the world,” her daughter refuses to change her mind on the matter! Instead, she just wants to have dinner with her friends — “like maybe 22 of them or something, and we’re just gonna play games.” Of course, Jessica wasn’t going to give up on the party idea once she heard the word “games!” She told Jimmy that she said this to Honor in response:

“Oh, my God, I have a game guy. And we can, like, do stations. … We can do cutouts of you. And everyone can wear pajamas!”

The Honest Company founder’s idea really solidified Honor’s decision not to allow her mom to throw the bash! Jessica recalled her teenage daughter saying:

“Are you kidding me? Do you want me to, like, ever see my friends ever again?”

Ha! The typical life of having a teen! Sorry Jessica! No party planning for you this time! But perhaps her two younger kids Haven and Hayes will allow her to throw a sweet 16 when the time comes! …Maybe. LOLz! Watch the full interview (below):

[Image via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube, Jessica Alba/Instagram]

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