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Jessica Simpson Reveals How She First Spoke To Her Daughter About Childhood Sexual Abuse

Jessica Simpson Daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson Open Book Child Abuse

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Jessica Simpson REALLY opened up in Open Book. Her memoir included juicy tidbits about her sexual chemistry with John Mayer and losing her virginity to first husband Nick Lachey — but also more serious revelations about her addiction battle and the sexual abuse she suffered as a child.

Not exactly kid-lit on either extreme. And yet, in a new interview on Good Morning America to promote the paperback edition coming out on Tuesday, the 40-year-old revealed she is already letting her children read it!

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She said:

“They have it by their bedside. And they’re starting to be very good readers, and they have read some of it. There’s nothing that’s off limits. We’re very open as a family.”

The two eldest kids, daughter Maxwell Drew, 8 and son Ace Knute, 7 (2-year-old Birdie Mae is obviously NOT reading it), may be old enough to get through the words, but is it appropriate reading for those ages?

Well, Jess has some strong feelings about what’s age appropriate when it comes to the most disturbing topic:

“For me, when I talk about sexual abuse and stuff, that stuff happened to me when I was younger than they are and at the age that they are. So, it is something that we are very open about.”

Wow. It’s so hard to think about someone so young going through that…

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The Irresistible singer then told the story of the first time she broached the difficult subject with her eldest daughter. It was during a book signing in New York City last year; at that time Maxwell was still 7 years old. Jessica recalled:

“A woman came up to me and was crying and had her daughter with her and she was saying that ‘What you went through as a child, you know, it really encouraged me to talk to my therapist and be open with my family about it.’ And Maxwell was like, ‘Mom, what is she talking about?'”

Jessica stopped signing books right then and had the talk about what happened to her.

“I, like, held the line of autographs. I was like, ‘I guess this is the time I’m going to talk to my daughter about it here in Times Square.’ But it was a perfect moment because she saw how being open and being honest with your feelings and how you can inspire people that way… I don’t know, just how honesty really is moving and how it can make a change in people’s lives and she saw that mommy was doing that.”

After that her daughter went back to their hotel room and started journaling, just like Mommy does.

“She’s been writing in her journal ever since. So, it’s really cute.”

That’s so great!

Nothing may be off limits for Jess and hubby Eric Johnson when it comes to talking to their kids. But there is something the momma is a little wary of… She admitted:

“Except, you know, they don’t date yet. But when that happens, I might have my opinions. But they know that we’re protecting them. I just think as a parent it’s so important to really have everything out there in the open. There’s nothing that’s embarrassing to talk about at all and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. And nobody’s going to judge you. And if they do, they’ll come around and they’ll be there for you. And if they’re not, somebody else will. But our family is very close.”

Well, it sounds like even when they reach dating age, they’ll know they can talk to Mom about anything. For real. We just hope they stay away from the John Mayers of the world. Ha!

See the whole interview (below)!

[Image via WENN/Avalon/Jessica Simpson/Instagram.]

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