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Jessie James Decker Mocks Husband Eric Over Vasectomy Delays In Hilarious New Gin Ad For Ryan Reynolds!

Jessie James Decker Ribs Husband Eric Over Vasectomy Delays In Hilarious New Gin Ad For Ryan Reynolds!

Jessie James Decker is getting a vasectomy!!

We didn’t write that incorrectly. We meant the cocktail known as “The Vasectomy.” Cranberry juice, gin, tonic, ice, and a squeeze of lemon. Duh! What did you think we were talking about??

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On Wednesday, the mom of three popped up on Instagram in a new ad for Ryan Reynolds‘ alcohol brand Aviation Gin. That company is known for fun ads — many of them parenting-focused — and this one was no different!

Of course, Jessie and her husband, ex-NFL star Eric Decker, have three kids. She doesn’t want more, but he may not be so sure. Recently, he said he isn’t down to get a vasectomy… yet. So, his HIGHlarious wife decided to have fun with that in Aviation’s ad!

In the commercial, Jessie offered a tutorial for how to make “The Vasectomy,” and joked:

“It’s Father’s Day, and that means it’s time for another vasectomy. Something my husband has refused to get. So today I’m taking matters into my own hands.”

First, she filled a tall glass with ice:

“That’s probably more ice than you need to soothe your tender areas after what I’m told is a pretty quick and painless procedure. I mean, it’s not like giving birth.”

Then, after pouring in the cranberry juice, Aviation-brand gin, and Betty Buzz brand tonic (shout out to Blake Lively!), Jessie turns and hands the drink to Eric as he walks on screen. As he takes a sip, Reynolds makes a cameo! Walking by to pick up the bottle of gin, he mutters to the couple before quickly walking off camera:

“You know those [vasectomies] don’t actually work, right? Like, at all.”

With her concerned husband looking on, Jessie tries to reassure him at the end of the ad:

“Don’t listen to him, they work.”


Ch-ch-check it out for yourself:

To turn the humor up even another notch, Eric re-posted the video on his own IG page on Wednesday, too. In the caption, the ex-Denver Broncos wide receiver wrote:

“Definitely not naming any future kids Ryan, @vancityreynolds Yes, future.”


For now, it’s Vivianne Rose, 8, Eric Jr., 7, and Forrest Bradley, 4 at home for the couple. Sounds like they’re split over whether more might be on the way?? At least the ad is funny!!

[Image via Ryan Reynolds/YouTube]

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