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Joan Collins Defends ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ Against The Apparent Anti-Seduction #MeToo Culture!

joan collins defends seduction baby cold outside

Joan Collins thinks #MeToo has made y’all a bunch of prudes who can’t handle the art of seduction.
The 85-year-old actress appeared on Good Morning Britain on Monday and had a hot take on the controversy surrounding the popular Christmas song, Baby, It’s Cold Outside.
Many have pointed out that some lines in the classic duet — like when the woman asks “Say, what’s in this drink?” and defiantly tells her male suitor “The answer is no.” — definitely don’t sound great to the modern ear. In fact, some have gone as far to say it sounds pretty darn “date-rapey.”
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But Dame Collins thinks it’s an innocent, “sweet” song that fell victim to the apparent war on seduction, telling hosts of the ITV show:

“What’s going to happen to seduction is you are not going to be allowed anymore. Is someone going to have to ask permission of the parents before they can kiss a girl? It’s absolutely becoming out of control. It seems to have happened in the last two years. It seems to get worse and worse.”

Seduction will be… banned? Say, what’s in your drink, Joan?
While a number of radio stations have pledged to ban the song on their holiday playlists, several versions of the holiday favorite have surged in sales, streaming, and radio play over the past tracking week.
Others have tried to create a 2018 version of the track that jives with the #MeToo era, and let’s just say it doesn’t have the same magic:

There have also been plenty of think pieces coming to the song’s defense, pointing out the perspective of the song exploring a woman being able to exercise sexual agency in a time when she wasn’t able to, and how the drink lyric was apparently referencing a common stock joke of the time?
So, can you still enjoy Baby, It’s Cold Outside, or does the Christmas classic leave a bad taste in your mouth in modern context?
[Image via Brian To/WENN]

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