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Just Like Oprah!


Madonna love for and commitment to Malawi is deep!

Not only did she adopt her son, David, from there and she just finished a documentary about the country, but…

Reuters reports that Madge plans to build a girl’s school in Malawi, just like the $40 million girls academy Oprah opened in South Africa.

M’s lawyer said that a task force of 4 prominent Malawians have been tapped to spearhead the project and that the real costs of the multi-million dollar project will be known within the next 2 weeks.

Construction is slated to start some time this year.

Good to see her Madgesty giving back generously to little David Banda’s home country.

As a side note, the Malawian government is supposed to make its final ruling on Madonna’s adoption of David on Thursday.

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May 14, 2008 17:45pm PDT

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