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You Can NOT Unhear Kelly Clarkson's Concert Bathroom Story

Kelly Clarkson Concert Bathroom Story

Kelly Clarkson is NOT like other talk show hosts.

Late night or daytime, you aren’t going to hear anyone else share their most mortifying bathroom stories on the air. Jimmy Fallon isn’t talking about the time he got creative after running out of toilet paper (though we imagine he’d be super excited about it).

But when it comes to TMI talk show hosts, Kelly proved once again this week she was #1. Or wait, should we say #2??

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On Thursday she welcomed country legend Clint Black, who was promoting his new venture, a talk show called Talking in Circles in which he has longform conversations with other musicians. He explained how his show was anything goes, illustrating the fact by recounting a story singer Sara Evans told about having to pee during a concert. He laughed:

“How many of us haven’t peed on stage?”

But Kelly took it a step further. She said:

“Well, I’ll tell you right now, there was one time… it wasn’t pee, my friend!”

Oh no… The American Idol winner recalled:

“I got some kind of wrecked up from some kind of food. We were in an arena — and I shouldn’t tell this story, but like I said, my man, I don’t have a filter.”

Spoiler alert: she went ahead and told the story. The malicious meal apparently hit her all at once — while she was onstage performing — and she nearly exploded piece by piece right there in front of thousands of screaming fans!

Thankfully she made it to the end of the song and off the stage. She described colorfully:

“I had to run backstage to my quick-change. I grabbed this poor trash can, and boy, I destroyed it. It was bad. It was bad, Clint! And we might have to edit this out, but I’m just sayin’, it happens. What are you supposed to do?”

Well, off the top of our heads we’d say NEVER EVER TELL YOUR FANS ABOUT IT! LOLz! Well, it didn’t kill her, so at least it made her stronger?

Clint took this all in stride, but we’re thinking it may have been too much for even his sensibilities. He responded:

“I’m just trying to visualize — hang on…”

He may be OK with talking in circles, but not with what Kelly was doing to those circles! LOLz!

So there you have it! If you saw Kelly in an arena you may well have witnessed the aftermath of this! If so, just be thankful gurl didn’t accidentally leave her microphone on!

See Clint get in over his head in the full interview (below)!

[Image via The Kelly Clarkson Show/YouTube.]

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Apr 09, 2021 14:56pm PDT

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