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Khloé Kardashian Explodes, Fat-Shames Jordyn Woods On 'KUWTK': 'F**k These Hoes, For Sure!'

Khloe Kardashian Jordyn Woods

Part two of KUWTK‘s TV take on the Jordyn WoodsTristan Thompson scandal didn’t go any better for poor Khloé Kardashian than did part one…
But did she go too far this time, in fat-shaming Jordyn on national television???
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The reality TV star and momma to True Thompson certainly got her anger out Sunday night on the season 16 finale of the ever-popular reality TV show, blowing up at Woods’ Red Table Talk interview and dressing down Tristan for his apparent lies about the whole situation. Khlo-money is facing real controversy now, though, because fans are calling her out over comments she made about the model’s weight… not a good look!!!
It all started with the Kardashian reacting negatively to the alleged cheating itself — the natural “to be continued” portion of the show was based entirely off last week’s finale, part one. Khlo was NOT feeling it this week, and quickly went form “quiet” and “numb,” as she’d been described by family members a week ago, to full on enraged and pissed off that the controversial pair could possibly do something like this to her.
But something she said in one key scene of the show may come back to haunt her…
Talking to Kris Jenner at one point — who tried in vain to calm KoKo down over FaceTime during a girls’ trip to Palm Springs — the Good American designer went OFF about Woods specifically, yelling (below):

“F**k these hoes, for sure! How everyone told me how aggressive and crazy I am? I’m gonna go back to the old Khlo-money. This s**t is so f**king wack that these f**king bitches think they can go ahead and f**k our men! Mom, they’re gonna try to f**k your man in a second.”

First off, that is an incredible quote — doubly made so by the imagery of “these f**king bitches” coming to f**k Corey Gamble next! Ha!!!
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Kim Kardashian West, though much calmer than Khloé at that point, seemed to agree a hard-line tactic was necessary, too, and chimed in from the background (below):

“We’re not doing this the Kris Jenner way anymore.”

Here we go!!!
Unfortunately, she only ever got more riled up about the cheating as time wore on — and with it, she blasted Tristan on FaceTime after talking to the NBA star’s friend Savas, yelling at the baby daddy (below):

“Liar! Liar! Tristan f**k you if you can hear me! F**k you! They both admitted it to me. Both of them. Fat f**king a**holes. Don’t say that you didn’t do something that you f**king did when you both f**king told me that you kissed bitches!”

Ahhhh, and there it is…


Though Khloé eventually calmed down, and cooler heads prevailed, many fans took the “fat f**king a**holes” comment as an attempt to fat-shame Kylie Jenner‘s former friend.
It’s a head-scratcher, for sure, with the momma of one herself having too often unfairly been labeled “the fat sister,” as well as knowing all the work she’s put in on her fitness-empowerment TV show Revenge Body.
Why did she have to go there with the fat comments?!
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We know she was upset, no doubt — and we can empathize with that. But maybe those comments took it a bit too far? (Also, calling them BOTH fat doesn’t make much sense, either; Tristan is a very tall, lean professional athlete.)
You can see some reactions (below):

What do U think about it all, Perezcious readers?! We KNOW the betrayed star is unimaginably upset — but does that give her the right to cross the line and body shame?? Is this even that big of a deal, or are we making too much of it?!
Sound OFF with your opinions about it all in the comments (below)!!!
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