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Cardi B BLASTED For Forgetting Met Gala Dress Designer's Name, Saying Only 'They're Asian'!

Cardi B BLASTED For Forgetting Met Gala Dress Designer’s Name – Calling Them THIS Instead!

Big yikes! Cardi B may have stolen the show with one of the boldest looks at this year’s Met Gala, but she’s now getting roasted for forgetting arguably the most important detail of the night… and saying something inadvertently kinda racist.

If you missed it, the rapper stepped onto the red carpet in a massive black gown that required SEVEN people to help her get through the event! It was truly stunning. And because the Met is one of the biggest nights in fashion, all anyone wanted to know was who made her fit. Plot twist… she didn’t know!

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When the WAP artist stopped to chat with Emma Chamberlain for Vogue, she dropped the ball when asked who was behind her look, replying:

“I feel amazing. It’s this amazing designer. They’re Asian and everything. So yeah.”


She didn’t even attempt to recall the name! And reducing the designer to just being “Asian”?! That did not come across well! Oof! See her botch the response (below):

Fans were super upset by the answer, taking to the comments to complain:

“Not knowing the name of the designer is lowkey insulting + calling them Asian and everything… no no!”

“Bro that Asian designer is going to forget her next year”

“I thought the whole point of celebs coming to this event is to showcase the designer’s artpiece for the evening’s theme. To big up the designer. Not only did she not know the designer’s name she deduced their identity to ‘a asian and everything’. Then she bombed on the dress she was wearing saying it was making her nauseous. Designers should think twice about choosing her to showcase for them at next year’s gala.”

“All that effort the designer put in making this outfit for her to forget her name, this was supposed to be the designer’s moment, she is such an airhead”

But have no fear, the designer did get her moment — just in a roundabout way! Fans did the important work for Cardi and discovered she was wearing a dress by the Chinese label Windowsen, founded by designer Sensen Lii. Showing support, they flooded the brand’s IG account, writing:

“Don’t worry about Cardi B not remembering your name, we all know who you are now — BABY!”

“I can’t believe all of the artistry and talent leant to her at the Met and you were simply reduced to ‘This Asian Designer'”

“This is a great dress sorry she didn’t mention you at the met”

Meanwhile, the Bodak Yellow vocalist had a few supporters still, including one who argued:

“Did you ever forget a name? Calm down people. Jesus fkn christ.”

But, like, it’s the Met Gala! She should’ve known that! And also… when you have a brain fart, say so! Because settling for “they’re Asian” is never gonna cut it, y’all!

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[Image via E! News/Vogue/YouTube]

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May 08, 2024 12:27pm PDT