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Travis Kelce 'Taken Aback' By Jana Kramer Saying He's Like Her Cheating Ex & 'Always Drunk'!

Travis Kelce ‘Taken Aback’ By Jana Kramer’s Comments

Travis Kelce has no idea why Jana Kramer is coming for him now! In fact, he has no clue who she even is!

On her Whine Down podcast this week, the One Tree Hill alum made it clear she’s not a fan of Tayvis! She even dished out something of a warning to Taylor Swift about her man, saying the football player reminds her of her ex-husband. Yeah, that ain’t good. She thinks Trav is just like her serial cheater ex Mike Caussin! What’s more, Jana feels the Kansas City Chiefs tight end is “loving the attention” from the relationship with Taylor a little too much. Yeesh!

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But here’s the deal. The country music artist wasn’t always a Travis hater. She was on board with the romance between him and the pop star at first. But as time went on, Jana’s opinion completely changed. The real deal breaker happened when she witnessed the 34-year-old athlete’s “aggression” toward coach Andy Reid during the Super Bowl earlier this year — and it “rubbed” her “the wrong way.” Then she claimed to have noticed Travis is “always drunk” and feels his drinking habits are rubbing off on Taylor now.

Jeez! She really dragged his name through the mud! So what does Travis think about her harsh comments? He’s definitely surprised and confused by the whole ordeal — especially since he’s never once met her! Sources even claimed he never heard of Jana until this week. Ouch! One insider spilled to Page Six:

“He was taken aback as he’s never met her and is just living his life.”

LOLz! “He’s never met her” is giving real Mariah Carey clapback energy!

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Despite what Jana — who doesn’t know the football star at all — may think, sources for the outlet insisted Travis doesn’t have a drinking problem! A second insider also pointed out the only reason the public sees him drinking is he’s being “watched” every second of the day now:

“The guy is under a microscope, basically being watched everywhere he goes. Of course you’re going to see him drinking. He’s being watched everywhere he goes.”

With that in mind, the same source argued if the Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity? host did struggle with alcohol addiction, it would be difficult to hide from everyone. They continued:

“It’s not like he’s passed out somewhere. If he was passed out somewhere, I would totally understand, but that’s not the case whatsoever.”

The source insisted Travis is a just “normal human being” who is “doing the same thing” as anyone else — except “they’re not in the public eye” like he is. Not to mention, the outlet shared, the former reality star is “in training right now” for the upcoming football season, so “if he was drunk, it would be a bigger problem.” Andy Reid wouldn’t let that slide!

Ultimately, sources close to Travis feel Jana trashed him in order to gain “attention” and headlines as she’s done in the past. One insider said:

“This is what Jana Kramer does. She latches onto people to get attention.”


It sounds like Travis didn’t appreciate those brutal remarks from Jana at all! Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Do you think Jana is just clout chasing right now? Or do you agree with her observations? Sound OFF in the comments below.

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