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First Kylie Jenner & Taylor Swift -- Now Lana Del Rey, 5SOS, & The NFL's Twitter Accounts Have Been Hacked! See The Insanely Awful Tweets...

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It’s a bad time to be a celeb on Twitter!
As we reported on Monday morning, Kylie Jenner was the victim of a hacking and some pretty explicit messages… then later, Taylor Swift got the hacked experiencefollowed in short order by tech guru and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg!!
And as if that’s not enough, now Lana Del Rey, 5 Seconds of Summer, and even the NFL can commiserate with their celeb friends, because they were just hacked too!
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On Tuesday morning, word start creeping out that the guys from 5SOS were being simultaneously hacked, and an unnamed hacker eventually took control of their Twitter AND Instagram accounts!
It doesn’t appear the hacker posted too many crazy messages publicly, but word spread around social media that the perpetrator was sending out nasty direct messages to fans from the group’s official accounts!!
Michael Clifford took to the social network to warn everyone that the band’s official account had been compromised (below):

Fans also started reporting on the sketchy DMs just a few hours ago (below):

Fortunately, according to fans on Snapchat, 5SOS has gotten control of their accounts again (below):

But that was only the beginning!!
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Just a few short minutes later, the National Football League’s account was hacked, with the hacker posting a tweet claiming the league’s Commissioner, Roger Goodell, had died suddenly (below):
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And followed it up with a few more tweets that were quickly deleted thereafter (below):
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The NFL VERY quickly regained control of their Twitter account — and no, Goodell did NOT die…
But wait, there’s STILL more!!
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As the NFL was being hacked, poor Lana Del Rey was also getting the biz from a hacker — reportedly the same hacker who had jumped into Katy Perry‘s account late last month!
The hacker sent out explicit and offensive messages (below) that were quickly deleted:
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And more (below):
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Whatever is going on with all these celeb hackings, guys, change your passwords!
And considering there have been SO many hackings recently… maybe Twitter oughta figure out their security a little more, eh?!

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Jun 07, 2016 16:39pm PDT