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Poor Liam Payne Has Had Enough Of Directioner's Antics! What's Driven Him Over The Edge Now?!

liam payne go enjoy the day twitter stop watching me
Oh Directioners, are you making it a goal to be scolded by Liam Payne?!
Because it’s definitely working!
The One Direction hottie has had a history of saving his fan’s butts from giant snakes in Australia and keeping them from doing something totally regrettable like posting their nudes online!
His latest words of wisdom? Go forth and enjoy the day instead of starring at his home all day!
That’s right, fans have been swarming Liam’s place when they caught wind of him being back home!
The 20-year-old heartthrob tweeted to his fans:

Poor thing.
He can’t go anywhere without having people follow him, and now Liam can’t have peace and comfort in his own home?!
Come on guys, give him a break!
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Jun 14, 2014 00:02am PDT