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Lily-Rose Depp Showing Skin On The Idol

“For me, the whole character [Jocelyn] and the show [The Idol] and her arc was really a collaboration through and through. We know that we’re making something provocative and we are not shying away from that. That’s something I knew I was setting out to do from the beginning. I was never interested in making something puritanical. It’s okay if this show isn’t for everyone and that’s fine – I think all the best art is [polarizing]. I’ve never felt more respected and more safe on a set, honestly. And I think the trust that we all built with each other, Sam and I, and Abel and I, that can only make for a really safe-feeling set. So when it comes to the nudity and the risqué nature of the role, that to me was really intentional. That was really important to me and something that I was excited about doing. I’m not scared of it. I think we live in a highly sexualized world. I think that’s an interesting thing to explore.”

Lily-Rose Depp on her kind of art, via Vogue Australia

[Image via The Idol/HBO.]

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Jun 29, 2023 16:59pm PDT